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Dan McCormick - Broadway Lights


Dan McCormick - Born and raised in the great city of Philadelphia with five amazing sisters, two awesome brothers and two loving parents who made a life for ...

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Dan McCormick - Born and raised in the great city of Philadelphia with five amazing sisters, two awesome brothers and two loving parents who made a life for them all, Dan's passions were later called west to the City of Angels, LA to become an actor; before the power of the pen brought him to his home on the magnetic New York City stage as a playwright. After singing with his brothers in the local Karaoke Night bars of Philly, Dan began studying piano upon writing the book and lyrics for his first musicalThe Myth of Dreams. That experience, combined with his unique ability and desire to write to the beat and rhythm around him, has led him to discover his voice yet again as the singer-songwriter of Broadway Lights. Dan is also a highly respected and accomplished writer and actor who's work has been performed throughout the country!
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Dan McCormick
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